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Locked-down but not chained!

This is the strangest of times that we find ourselves in currently. Covid-19 is a pandemic that has caused a huge set or problems globally that can’t be easily rectified. Governments and politicians are striving to find the best way forwards in order to tackle this virus, to keep their people safe, (or as safe as possible), and to try and save as many lives and lively-hoods as possible. So it is that in the UK we find ourselves in Lock-down: being told to stay at home for 3 weeks with great restrictions on going out. Terms like “lock-down” and “isolation” feel negative. The restrictions on movement, on gathering together and being together go against or common human wants and needs. It can feel like we’ve had our lives so restricted that it doesn’t feel possible to be ourselves anymore.

However, we are not imprisoned in our own homes, neither are we chained to our sofas or living rooms. This isn’t “martial law” nor is it a time of living in a totalitarian state. We are told to “stay at home” so that we can protect each other from the worst of this virus and to help protect the most vulnerable people in our society, especially in relation to this virus. We are sacrificing what has become “normal” so that everyone has the best hope of life and a future. Without these restrictions it is likely that the virus’ spread will be worse and the number of deaths, as a result, will be a lot higher.

Take a look our your window today. The sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant shade of blue with hardly a cloud in it. It is warm, it feels like Spring. Its a day when it ought to feel good to be alive and to be thankful that we are alive. If you have a garden then go into it, if not then breath in the fresh air through your window or door. Realise that this day was given for you to enjoy, to embrace and to make the most of. Don’t waste it worrying about how to keep yourself entertained or your family entertained. Don’t waste it thinking about supermarket queues and the idiocy of panic-buying. As Jesus said “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today”. (Matthew 6. 34). If we live our lives worrying about “what if…” then we never live. Embrace life and live it.

Whilst we are well we should be thankful. In being thankful we should remember those who aren’t in our position. We should pray for and be in touch with those are in difficulty: the vulnerable, the sick, the lonely. We should use the means given to us to contact them: by phone, email, messenger, Facetime or Skype. Reach out from our good fortune into their misfortune. Be there for them.

Be thankful that we are free, we can enjoy an appreciate the weather today, feel the warmth of the sun. We are not chained like Paul was in Rome, and yet still rejoiced in the Lord. We are free and so should rejoice all the more. God is a strong rock in our weakness, let is lean on him today and always.

Published by caterwaulingcanon

I am the Vicar of Frodingham and New Brumby in Scunthorpe. All things I blog about are my own opinions and thoughts.

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